Vote Sharna Smith Postcard

Every Door Direct Mail postcard created for a state representative’s campaign. Like many political campaigns, the colors red, white and blue are predominant. The blue in this particular campaign is lighter than the standard shade which lends a vintage feel that meshed well with the client’s conservative values.

Mailbox photo used for mockup courtesy of TMAB2003 under Creative Commons Attribution license.

Progressive Builders Group Brochure

Client provided copy and sample photographs and requested a trifold brochure design. The name of the company ‘Progressive Builders Group’ prompted me to choose a modern architectural theme for the overall layout. I choose stock art of floating stairs to provide movement through the panels and coordinated that with matching woodgrain panels to create visual stops for the eye.

AAHC Camp Poster

AAHC Camp Poster
This poster was created for internal display at an organizational meeting to advertise their annual summer camp.

The client provided multiple photos and a quote for use in a poster design.
All the photos were post-processed to make the overall colorization more cohesive and coordinating colors were used in the background to create interest and visual flow.